ABC releases the first 8 Minutes of V Remake

Due to the fact the Expo was running behind shedule I missed the chance to see the preview they were showing. Bless ABC then for releasing the first 8 minutes onto the the net.

Sure it’s got echoes of Independence day but then I would argue that independence day nicked that from the original V and a load of other invasion films (ace little line in the clip about that). To be honest If I see a city side space ship hovering over my house you can bet your ass me and everyone on the street are going to be walking outside in slow mo and staring up at the sky opened mouth.

I liked the intro of all the major characters and unlike Flash forward, whose still aren’t doing much for me I kinda warmed to all of these guys straight away and wanted to see more.

If this is an indication of what we can expect then I’m all over this when it comes out.

GS Reporter: Nuge



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