ABC tosses ‘Stone’ crushes ‘Daises’

It’s a sad day in TV Land.  ABC has decided to not pick up further episodes of Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone. Pushing Daisies was a comedy about a piemaker who has the ability to bring dead things back to life- but at a price. Ned the piemaker’s life is further complicated when he brings his childhood crush back from the dead.

Eli Stone also had a supernatural twist, where the lead character, a lawyer received strange premonitions that would help him in his court cases. He goes from an uncaring company man to an eccentric who would react to things that only he could see.

Both creators behind these shows have connections to geek. Brian Fuller (Daisies) wrote for Heroes before he decided to do Daisies at ABC. Marc Guggenheim is one of the creators behind Eli Stone. Guggenheim is no stranger to comics fans. He has written many titles, the most recent one being Young X-men for Marvel.

Why did Daisies and Stone get the axe? You could point to the writers strike, which left a lot of shows crippled. After coming back, these shows, which didn’t have that great a viewership to begin with, lost their audience. Maybe viewers just got sick of their premises, but these were great casts and the dialogue was well written. There is a slim chance that these shows could do more episodes, but that’s not likely to happen.

Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone, RIP.

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