Advert Break – Exclusive new ‘Venture Bros’ video content from [adult swim] UK

For no real reason other than ‘I just plain forgot’ I completely lost touch with the Venture Bros cartoon series which was weird as I loved the show. Anyway as the new series is coming to the uk’s adult swim site I figured you Venture fans might be interested in this new content.

Exclusive new ‘Venture Bros’ video content from [adult swim] UK

With the new series of Venture Bros making it’s way to it seemed only right to investigate with the only team that we knew… But by the time they hit the Venture Compound, mystery-solving was getting a little old for the Scooby gang…

To see more of this kind of twisted genius, check out – From Robot Chicken through to Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Metalocalypse, [adult swim] it’s the home of pretty much everything you should (and shouldn’t) find funny.

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