Animated Terminator movie on the way

I have heard differant things in the last 6 hours about this story. One version is that Hannover House has announced that it has teamed with Red Bear Entertainment to develop a 3D animated feature called “Terminator 3000,” an $70 million movie based on the original “Terminator” film.

The second is that they are developing a Animated Series and not a stand alone movie!.

On one hand, We are getting some new Terminator! on the other hand the company has been quoted as saying that they want to minimize the violence in order to obtain a PG-13 movie. That just doesn’t sound right to me! i don’t want a namby pamby version of terminator where no one dies and there is no blood.

If it has to be animated I would of taken the Animatrix route and go as violent as a terminator story needs to go. Personally I would prefer they just reboot the franchise in live action form!

GS Reporter: Matt

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