Autumn of Indie: Graphic Designer Uses Fan Film as Pitch for S.H.I.E.L.D TV Show

This S.H.I.E.L.D  fan film is not only well made and hilarious it was also a job pitch from graphic designer, Adam Levermore and it’s pretty darn fun!

Not only does the fan film boast Buffy alumni Amber Benson but the soundtrack has been provided by one of my fave composers – Bear McCreary. See if you can spot where some of the music comes from! Anyone who goes to this much trouble to get a job should be rewarded I say. It also helps that Levermore’s designs on show during the film and the closing credits look great.

So Mr Whedon do the right thing and check this guy out! And in true Avengers style, make sure to you keep watching until after the credits.

The stated goal of this short film is to catch the eye of the production designer for the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, and hopefully be so impressive that hiring me is a no-brainer. I realized, though, that it’s much more than that. The finished piece wound up being so high-quality that it stands alone as a spotlight for my design work. I designed all the art elements of the piece, from the ID badges to the dossiers to the copy of the Daily Bugle to the “Employee of the Month” plaque for Maria Hill. I even drew Nick Fury’s right-side-only drawing of the Avengers. Everything that isn’t part of the building or being worn by the actors was my design work, and I think it really shows what I can do to bring a unified, coherent feel to a fictional world. No matter what the project is, if you’re watching this piece with an eye towards hiring me, I think you’ll come away with a really good idea of the value I bring to the table.

I want to say that it was truly amazing to watch this project come together. The highly professional short film you just watched went from a good idea to finished product in only two and a half weeks. That is absolutely mind-blowing when you think about all the people who came together to make it happen. This was truly a labor of love for me, and it was really touching that the following people rallied to my cause. The next time you see their names in the credits of a show or movie, take a moment to remember that they’re not just extremely talented, but also exceptionally nice people. – Adam Levermore


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