Batman:The Brave and The Bold coming to Cartoon Network

Bats and the Red Tornado spring into action

November 14th see’s the launch of a new superhero cartoon.  About time I’m thinking because nothing’s really excited me since the JLU to be honest.  Wether this will or not is another story.  I love a team up story and thats the whole basis of The Brave and The Bold – Batman teaming up with a new hero every week, so bring it on.  While the JLU was quite probably aimed at kids but had a wider appeal, I’m guessing from the artwork that this is quite sqauerely aimed at the younger market.

Although the creators wanted to go for a silvere age feel to the show, the first episode “Rise of the Blue Beetle” features Jaime Reyes, the latest and yongest character to bear the name of Blue Beetle.  Subsequent episodes will featire Fire, Plastic Man, Red Tornado and Kamandi. Will it be worth it – time will tell, but I’m excited to see some DC characters getting some air, so I’m definetly up for this one.

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Source: CBR

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