Beware The Batman – A New CG-Animated Series Annouced for Cartoon Network

Alfred the butler kicking ass with two guns and Katana, the sword-wielding samurai are just two of character you can expect to see in the CG animated ‘Beware the Batman’ which will be coming to the Cartoon Network in 2013.

As well as a new Batman show we can expect new animated shorts featuring Plastic Man, Doom Patrol, Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Girl. These will join Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series in an hour long block of programming being called ‘DC Nation’.

One of the interesting I found in the announcement by Sam Register, executive vice president for creative affairs at Warner Bros, is the choice to focus more on some of Batman’s lesser known bad guys.

“We went in deeper into the villain library and pulled out some other villains,” Register said. “We didn’t want to do another Joker story — there’s too many of them. We just needed to do something new, so we’re starting off with new villains.”

DC always knocks it out of the park with their animated shows so I’ll be looking forward to this one. With Brave and the Bold going great guns I’ll be interested to see what kind of tone they will approach with ‘Beware the Batman’. The idea of having animated shorts is a great one as it gives DC the chance to feature some of the character that don’t necessarily always take center stage. Who knows if any of the shorts do really well they may get picked up for a series.

Exciting times for us animated fans.

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Source: Comic Book Resources

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