Blackadder coming back to TV at Christmas?

Well all you Blackadder fans will be pleased to know that according to Yahoo News the cast will be returning to our screens in  one off special. However the way the article reads it it looks like a documentary on the show. Don’t get me wrong if that’s the case I’ll check it out as I’m interested but I was hoping we would get to see the old Blackadder gang in action, one last time.

When the UK does comedy right it really does it right and for me Blackadder was a perfect example of that.  I think like Doctor Who everyone has there favourite incarnation of Edmund Blackadder. Season two (if memory serves) with Sir Edmound as a dashing cad in Elizabethan times was definately my fave with a top notch cast of comedy actors backing him up and in some case (‘A Nugget of purest greeen’) outshining the star.

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