Burn Notice gets renewed for another two seasons

I don’t what more there is to say if you’ve already read the title of the post. I’m still catching up on Burn Notice, featuring the antincs of ex-spy Micheal Weston and his mates in sunny Miami but I’ve been loving the hell out of this show. I’m really glad to see that show is coming back for a few more seasons. In this day an age of a lot of dark and brooding dramas and genre show it’s great to see a show out there that is embracing the fun of some of the 80’s shows like the A-Team but given it a modern and slick feel.

Seriously people if you want to see a crazy mix of a show that is part Magnum PI, part MacGyver, part slick spy show and all fun then look no further than Burn Notice.

It’s also got Bruce Campbell in it and if that doesn’t reel you in then nothing will.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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