Caprica gets the green light!

Well those us saddended by the eventual loss of BSG may be slightly lifted by the news that the Sci-Fi channel has finally greenlit the prequel series Caprica according to Variety.

The series it currently slated as coming out in early 2010 bow for the series, with production kicking off around the middle of next year.

I’m a huge fan of BSG so your would be thinking I would be excited by this news but the truth is I just don’t know what to make of Caprica. They keep using the words ‘Space Opera’ and the premise sounds like a Sci-fi Dallas (I always thought JR Ewing was a Cylon).

My worry is the new show is moving away from the outer space angle (looks like no more viper vs raider dogfights) according to Sci-fi.

“We want people to come to this who have never heard of ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ” he added. “I think, because (‘Galactica’s’) backdrop was space and spaceships, there was a barrier to entry for some viewers. ‘Caprica’ has none of that. It’s an intense family drama set on an Earthlike planet, in the near future, speaking to a lot of the ethical dilemmas that we as a human race are going to have to face very shortly.”

Now I know Sci-Fi doesn’t have to mean spaceships and the like but there have been so few tv show of that nature that my worry is we may see these shows disappear altogether. I can see earth bound soap operas everywhere I look (Ok maybe not with a sci-fi spin) I want fantastical, I want alien worlds, I want spaceships and I want lasers. All Caprica seems to be offering is a dose of reality with a dash of sci-fi.

I still reserve final judgement and the fact they’re bringing back the current BSG writers for this series is a step in the right direction. 

Source: Variety

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