Casting for the live action Star Wars TV show is underway!


Well it actually seems to be happening. I have to admit I thought the project was dead in the water but apparently not. It seems that during a press conference for Nic Cage’s new movie ‘ Knowing’ one of it’s stars let slip that Lucas has been looking far and wide to cast for the show.

Now the plot details seem to be that it show will be set between Episode III and Episode IV. There will be no Jedi or sith but rather focus on the Rebel Alliance.

Now I actually like the idea of focusing on the Rebels but I think leaving out the one of the cornerstones of Star Wars i.e the Jedi could be a mistake. Personally though I would have rather seen something not focused on this time period but I guess I can’t have everything.

I’m more hopeful about this series after the excellent Clone Wars cartoon which I thought was going to be rubbish. I hope Lucas can pull this off.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: MTV

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