Doctor Who Series Five – First Images of the New Tardis Interior

So here’s the first look at the new refurbished Tardis, looks very bright and pretty. I still haven’t decided if I like the new look or not but time will tell. The thing however that I noticed straight away was stairs…stairs people. I hope this means we can expect to see a bit more of the Tardis interior in this series. Hell, I think you could set an entire adventure in the Tardis and that would be cool.

I’m really interested to see how this change happens in the show.

So can’t wait for Saturday now!

Head over to the Radio Times for more images!

GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: Radio Times

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  1. Hah! I knew that shot in the trailer was under the console. Interesting style…looks a bit busy in these pics, I wonder how it’ll work in the show?

    • geeksyndicate /

      Time will tell I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing how the change actually happens.

  2. it looks like the set of Watchdog.

  3. ludders1979 /

    Still not sure about this. I like the design, but sorry, it’s still the Doctor I have an issue with. I will give him a chance though as I’m not going to bash someone without giving them a few eps worth of watching :o)

    • geeksyndicate /

      Yeah that definately my take ‘wait and see’. I have to admit I’ve quite liked the stuff I’ve seen with Matt Smith so far and I’ve liked Moffat’s writing so my excitement is still high. At the end of the day I’m just chuffed to see some new who on TV.

  4. Looks like Blue Peter got hold of it…..

    • geeksyndicate /

      It is rather colorful, to say the least, but I’m loving the addition of stairs implying we may get to see more of the Tardis this season which is a great thing in my book.

      • Quite funny really, one of my colleges at work stated that he loves the fact the Hexagons are back!

        It feels Kiddy, but i do love the space! i wouldnt of minded the return of the libery. i felt the last tardis layout lacked the scale of the prievous ones. hopefully Moffet will bring all that back 😀

  5. It’s hideous, but quite fun. The old one always seemed a bit too steampunk to me.

  6. Al B /

    I very much fear another “Colin Baker” era is about to start. I really really hope i’m wrong…

  7. Jack T /

    It looks like the set of a children’s TV show… just a little too colourful. =/

    But, meh! It’s not like every minute of every episode is gonna be spent inside the Tardis. It’ll do. =P

  8. mark jacobs /

    ummmm? it looks very childish from what i’ve seen so far, cant help thinking ”shara jane adventures” hope its not gunna be just another kids program.

  9. Darkimpulse /

    What happened? I liked the steam punk / bio-mechanoid look, I thought the premise of the tardis was that it was a living entity. I guess it evolved with the new doctor,.. Like everyone else I’ll give it a few episodes. Let’s hope the tardis lives up to it’s history and avoids a nickname like the retardis

  10. Spike_p /

    It looks amazing. It’s just lit wrong in the promo pictures, which shows you how much of a difference that can make to a set. The walk round they did on Confidential where the set designer/prop guy is showing Matt Smith how it works and what panels control what functions make the whole thing totally believable. Really wasn’t a fan of all the coral in the old one. Very weird idea. Few bits of coral on the new console but more just interesting retro technology (including, it seems, a lie detector!), it really feels alive.

    When this Doctor speaks to the TARDIS fondly and strokes the console, you really get the sense that he and it were one – when he says “Ah, thank you Dear!”, I believe it in a way that I couldn’t from say Pertwee who *really* laboured the whole “Come on, old girl!” / “She’s got to be in the right mood” bit.

    Plus, it’s revealed finally that the sonic screwdriver is in fact part of the TARDIS, explaining at long last it’s wildly variable and magical abilitiles over (amongst other things) time, space, matter, subspace teleportation, the entire electromagnetic spectrum and almost every lock in the universe. But not wood.

  11. robert /

    i tink the 5th 6th and 7th drs tardis layout was the best they should of kept that

    • I know what you mean. Personally I liked where they went with the Paul McGann movie too. The main trouble with the 80s TARDIS was lighting, with the new designs they can be interestng at least.


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