Doctor Who Spoof Musical on Radio 4

Just picked this up from Gallifrey News Base and thought it worth disseminating!

The sixth series of BBC Radio 4’s 15 Minute Musical kicks off on Christmas Eve at 6.15 pm with The Regeneration Game, a musical written by Richie Webb in the style of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop featuring a character called Doctor Bruce. The show, which spoofs both Bruce Forsyth and Doctor Who, also incorporates a singing Dalek voiced, by Dave Lamb. Webb himself and Jess Robinson are the other performers.

Personally, I love a good spoof and obviously have good memories of Doctor Who and the Generation game from when I was a kid. I’m imagining it’ll be on iPlayer afterwards and expecting an amusing quarter of an hour.

Source: Gallifrey News Base
GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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