Dog Judo? Yep you heard right

Now when I got the info sent on this new animated series called Judo Dogs my first thought was not wow I much what this…that was until I watched the first clip.

I then realised this was series two and I went in search of series one and found some clips on good old youtube.

This won’t be for everyone and I can’ t tell you why I was laughing so hard after the second clip. Maybe  it was Dogs in Judo suits, maybe it was the cockney banter that reminded me of quite a few of my London mates. One thing I can tell you is that when this new series starts I’m all over it.

Check the press release below for more info

DOG JUDO is back! 1st October 2009

Rexley and Roy, the Dog Judo dogs, are back! launches on October 1st with 3 brand new episodes – titled ‘Spider’, ‘Judo Grease’ and ‘Door’, plus Roy will be writing a ‘Weekly Dog Blog’ on the site.

New episodes will be released every other Thursday from October 29th, plus fans can sign up on the site to get each new episode delivered straight to their inbox.

Little has changed in the world of Dog Judo. Roy still wants to do real judo, Rexley still acts the mug with his homespun inventions like his speedboots, and personal robot, Paul.

A bit of history – in 2004, the animation company 12foot6 was commissioned by Virgin Mobile to promote their camera phones online. They produced the 4 original episodes of Dog Judo, which became massively viral and attracted over 10 million views.

12Foot6 continued to develop Dog Judo and added more films on a regular basis. These can now be seen all over Youtube. Roy also blogs his love of judo and his exasperation with ‘that mug, Rexley’, over at

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Judo Dogs

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