Dollhouse is cancelled

The guys over at aintitcool have just reporter that Fox has pulled the plug on Dollhouse.

I know a lot of people out there didn’t like the show but I, for one, will miss it. I was really getting into season two and in true Whedon style we were starting to get under the skin of some of the characters, especially Topher. I suppose I should be glad that Fox has promised to at the remaining nine episodes that were filmed

I wonder if after this Joss may give up on writing for TV, at least for FIx anyway so it seems are pretty ruthless when it comes to there Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows.

I’m just glad Supernatural or BSG wasn’t on there as god knows how many seasons Fox would have given it.

Farewell Echo and the gang, I would have like to see a little more of your journey before Fox sent you to the attic.

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Source: aintitcool

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  1. Ant /

    I won’t be sad to see it go. What I understand for the 1st season Wheedon didn’t have much control over the script. This shows and I kinda gave up after the relentless montages with the soundtrack from some up and coming music artist. The show’s demographics were a bit over the place. What can one say, it’s like adding the cute Mr Ben with Total Recall to make a pigs ear of another wise [albiet well trodden] cool premise of cyberpunk.

    Saying that, I think Dollhouse is a lot better than Stargate Universe which has taken elements of other lead shows and thrown them in a cooking pot. The show’s appeal is a lot less desirable than it’s model on Voyager and Lost.

    I hope Wheedon does return and I hope he keeps up with his more adult hard-arch scripts that made Angel and Firefly so funnt as well as so great. If shows like Farscape can really touch people with great political parallels and almost David Lynch lite storylines for a 6-7pm TV slot, I’m sure Wheedon can do it. Give up the cuteness and soundtrack de jour and give us fans something really meaty!

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