DOLLHOUSE Season 2 – UK premiere airdate confirmed‏

After watching the brilliant and very different to season finale toJoss Wheedon’s Dollhouse i was all ready for second season. Thanks to the guys over at the Sci Fi channel I know exactly what date and time to set my V+ series record link for.

Season 2 will premiere exclusively in the UK on the SCI FI Channel on the 20th October with the first two episodes being shown back to back. The show will then conutinue on with an episode a week in the same 10 pm slot.

I know some people had some mixed feeling about the show but I enjoyed the hell out of it and I’m looking forward to seeing where Joss takes us in season 2.

I wonder if we will see some of the plots points revealed in ‘Epitaph One’ explored further.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: SCI FI Channel

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