Misfits Q+A with writer Howard Overman

Not too long ago, Barry posted this trailer for E4’s new superhero drama – Misfits

Not 100% sure what to make of it we tentatively made our way down to the Channel 4 headquarters last night, for a viewing of the first episode.  Now a full review of out thoughts will be available in our next podcast and our immediate thoughts are available here – Misfits audioboo .  Suffice it to say I fell in love with this show.

There was a Question & Answer session with the creator and writer Howard Overman afterwards which we have here for your delectation.  I think it’s very enlightening, the quality’s not brilliant but I think it’s well worth a listen.


While listening to that why not go over to E4 and play the Misfits game – http://www.e4.com/game/misfits-do-a-runner/play.e4

Play as one of five young offenders, as you fight your way out of a community centre. You’re armed with a spray can to fend off crazed workers, plus a super power you’ve somehow picked up by being caught in a freak storm. Curtis can rewind time, so if you make a mistake in the game, hit the space bar to go back and play that bit again. Kelly can hear people’s thoughts (handy for knowing where the baddies are lurking), Simon can turn invisible and Alicia freezes guys with her sexual attraction. Nathan drew the short straw and doesn’t appear to have a power. Tough luck.

E4 are really getting onto the cross platform nature of many ventures these days and you can follow 2 of the characters om twitter.  Check out http://www.twitter.com/simonmisfits and http://www.twitter.com/kellymisfits

Anyway whatever else you do make sure you watch it.  We’ll keep you posted on an airdate and a competition

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  1. Watch Misfits Online Free /

    Love this new show, can’t wait to see more from these ASBO Heroes

  2. dan /

    I am in america where we do not get this show… I have been watching this show on Hulu.com and am additcted to this show…
    However on Hulu.com they only have up to the first two episodes of season two…. I have read that there is a season 3.. since hulu only has the first two episodes of season 2 can anyone tell me where or how i can watch the rest?

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