Extended Trailer for Michael Bay’s The Last Ship

This summer, TNT is going to take take viewers on an action-packed ride with the exciting new drama series The Last Ship, starring Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) and executive-produced by blockbuster filmmaker Michael Bay(Transformers). The Last Ship opens with a global catastrophe that nearly decimates the world’s population. Because of its positioning, the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James avoids falling victim to the devastating tragedy. But now, Captain Tom Chandler (Dane) and his crew must confront the reality of their new existence in a world where they may be among the few remaining survivors. Rhona Mitra (Strike Back) plays Rachel Scott, a strong-willed, intelligent and fearless paleomicrobiologist assigned to the ship. Adam Baldwin (FireflyChuck) is XO Mike Slattery, a former homicide detective and Chandler’s second-in-command. Also starring in The Last Ship are Travis Van Winkle (Heart of Dixie),Charles Parnell (Pariah), Christina Elmore (Fruitvale Station),Sam Spruell (Snow White and The Huntsman) and Marissa Neitling (Leverage). Based on William Brinkley’s popular novel, The Last Ship comes to TNT from Bay’s Platinum Dunes and its partners, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, whose credits include the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Bay, Fuller and Form serve as executive producers, along with showrunner Hank Steinberg (Without a Trace, The Nine), Steven Kane (The Closer) and director Jack Bender (Lost). Steinberg and Kane wrote the series pilot, which was directed by Jonathan Mostow (U-571).

I do like a good post apocalyptic yarn and from the trailer it looks like there’s going to be a lot of action in this show so I will give the first few episodes a go.

I’m guessing if Michael Bay has anything to do with this show then we can probably expect a shed load of slow mo walking and big speeches. The series also has Rhona Mitra who was great in Strike Back and the ever grumpy looking Adam Baldwin who pretty much seems to be playing the same role again and again (which to be fair he always does well).

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

Not sure when it will be coming to the UK but The Last Ship kicks off in the US  on Sunday, 22 June at 9pm.

The Last Ship Promo from Bob Chirum on Vimeo.

 Reporter: Nuge

Source: TNT

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