Filming Starts on BBC One’s ‘The Musketeers’

BBC One’s latest take on Alexander Dumas’s classic characters has started filming.

In a brief email to Geek Syndicate showrunner Adrian Hodges confirmed that he is currently in Prague shooting the scenes for the show over the next two weeks. The ten part show is a modern and contemporary take on the three musketeers. Leading the casting is Luke Pasqualino (skins) as D’Artagnan and Santiago Cabrera, who Merlin fans will know as Lancelot who will play Aramis. The Hour’s Tom Burke will play Athos and Howard Charles (Porthos). Last but not least is Peter Capaldi who will play the villainous Cardinal Richlieu.

Adrian also spoke to GS about the tone of the upcoming series.

All I can say for now is that we really want to make an exciting, inclusive show that nods its head to more traditional period shows but hopefully has a cool and modern feel. And I do want to stress just a couple of things – it’s not an adaptation of the book but entirely new stories based on the original characters, and also that although we hope kids will watch the show it’s definitely not in the “family” genre – it’s not the Borgias either, but it deals with some pretty adult themes and emotions and is very much aimed at that audience.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Adrian Hodges

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