First Images From BBC’s ‘The Musketeers’

The MusketeersHere’s a first look The Musketeers TV show which is coming to the BBC from the pen of Adrian Hodges, the co-creator of Primeval.

With the filming of this latest take on Alexander Dumas’ famous swordsmen well underway the BBC have release two official cast photos of the Musketeers themselves. The guys look pretty hardcore  with Athos (Tom Burke) and Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) looking like they’ve borrowed their hats from Indiana Jones. There’s also a lot of firepower on display as well as steel. However with so many adaptations of the characters on TV and the big screen it will be tough to bring something fresh to the screen but I do love a good swashbuckler so I’m looking forward to finding out.

Adrian Hodges, Creator of the series, said: “The four actors look brilliant together and it seems like they have been working together for years. The camaraderie between them makes each action-packed scene exciting and authentic, and the image we have released today really encapsulates that.”

Looking at these photos do wish that someone would hand D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) a jacket as he must be bloody freezing!

The show will be ten episodes with no airing date set as yet.

The Musketeers

Reporter: Nuge

Source: BBC

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  1. This looks pretty cool! They certainly look the part and the costumes look great. Let’s hope it’s one of part Musketeer, one part Pirates of the Caribbean and one part Indiana Jones!

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