Fox Commissions League of Extraordinary Gentlemen TV Pilot

Depending on your geek slant you will have either first heard about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen via the comic book series by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill or the unsuccessful film adaptation starring Sean Connery. The premise is centered around some of classic fiction’s most well known characters (Alan Quatermain, Mina Hawker, The Invisible Man, Captain Nemo and Dr Jekyll) teaming up to battle evil. Now it seems that battle will move from the cinema and the comic page and onto our TV screens as Fox commissions a pilot.

Ok lets gets the obvious joke out of the way first…this will probably be spectacular get a solid fan base and then Fox in its infinite wisdom will cancel it after one season …and breathe. Anyway with that mini rant out of the way I  think this could work really well as a TV show as it would give characters the time needed to flesh them out.

I’ll probably get lynched for this but looking back I was in two minds  in regards to the LOEG film. I thought as an adaptation it was a complete mess, making changes (so now Mina isn’t in charge and has vampiric powers???) and adding new characters that added little to the story (although I didn’t actually mind Dorian Gray). Looked at as a standalone pulp adventure film it was pretty entertaining, especially with Sean Connery as the two fisted Quatermain but it just wasn’t any way near as solid or as clever as the comic was.

The fact that the guy writing the pilot is Michael Green who worked on ‘Heroes’ gives me more hope as at least he will be familiar with working with a lot of characters.

Time will tell how well this works but I’m looking forward to finding out. It’s been almost ten years since the film came out so I reckon that enough time has passed if someone wants to take another crack at it.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: CBR

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