INTERVIEW: BFI Merlin Series 3 Screening – Richard Wilson and Angel Coulby

So if you’ve been following our Merlin series 3 coverage you will know we sent along our intrepid GS Reporter and Merlin fan Sharlene to grab some interviews with the cast of Merlin as they gear up for series 3.

Not only did Sharlene do a fab job and come back with photos galore and spoiler free reviews of episodes 1 and 2 (which you can check out here) she also scored some video interviews with the cast.

First up is Richard Wilson (Gaius) and Angel Coulby (Gwen).

Big thanks to Mirjana who was working the camera.

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  1. diane /

    Sharlene did a great job. I think she should do this more often! I loved the questions,too. It’s just what the fans wanted to hear about.

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