Glitch – Aussie Supernatural Drama Done Right!

Six part supernatural – some say scifi – drama series “Glitch” has aired in Australia and I have to tell you fellow geeks, it’s been pretty darn good.

The series by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is somewhat akin to the recent French series “Les Revenants” (which I loved) and its U.S. remake “The Returned” (of which I am also a fan). What sets “Glitch” apart from these other series is how very Australian it is, something that is rare in this sort of genre series.

A fantastic cast is just one of the reasons you need to try and check this out. It’s just a shame it probably won’t get a whole lot of publicity / airtime outside Australian shores, so that’s why I’m here getting word out.

Glitch ABC Australia Supernatural Drama Series

Glitch – Australian drama series with an undead twist

So here’s the premise (sans spoilers), small town police officer James Hayes (played excruciatingly well by Patrick Brammall) gets a call out to a disturbance at the local cemetery. Turns out people are raising from the dead, literally clawing their way out of graves (just ignore the fact none of them appear to be in coffins). Turns out one of the returning dead is / was very close to officer Hayes, uh oh! Now the hunt is on to work out how the hell this happened! Cop teams up with doctor and so it begins. I don’t want to say too much else about the story, because frankly, you should be trying to see it for yourself and if that involves waiting for a DVD release, it’s worth it.

Glitch ABC Australia Supernatural Drama Series - Screen

Aussie actor Rodger Corser plays the mysterious John Doe

The way “Glitch” approaches the now overused trope of the walking dead feels fresh, there’s real depth here and it opens up quite quickly, both in characterisation and overall exposition. Australian drama – when done right – can easily go head to head with UK and US output, sure it doesn’t happen often, as a country we’re pretty much saturated with US offerings, but this is a real little gem of Australian TV.

Glitch ABC Australia Supernatural Drama Series

Glitch well worth checking out if you like supernatural drama

If you happen to have access to iView “Glitch” is still there, but it’s only there until August 27, so be quick. For everyone else, there’s the trailer. The DVD release date is still listed as TBC at time of writing.


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  1. My wife and I also love this incredible show ! The high (but as pointed out a touch overdone) premise is really just an excuse to show well rounded characters engaging with big questions about relationships, love and human rights. Hmmm, sounds heavy when put like that, however the show also has great humour. In fact, my favourite characters- Beau and Paddy – are mostly comic relief

    I agree with Angela, see this show now ! (Or as soon as it available in your neck of the woods)