Grab your chance to interview the cast of Misfits

If, like me, you’ve been enjoying the new e4 show Misfits then you’ll be interested in this chance to put some questions to some of the cast.

Here’s your chance to quiz the Misfits cast. We’re going to interview Antonia Thomas (Alisha), Iwan Rheon, (Simon) and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Curtis), but there’s only one problem: we don’t have any questions!

Submit yours below and the best ones will be used in video interviews that will appear online. Let us know who each question is for. If anyone can answer your question, then just type ‘anyone’.

Deadline for questions is 10am, Tuesday 24th November, so get a move on.

Best of luck to you guys to decide to take a stab at sending in a question or two. All you need to do is head over to and pitch your question to be in with a chance.

GS Reporter: Nuge


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  1. [ANYONE] Hey, US guy here. I know nothing about nothing when it comes to UK actors, so where else could I see you guys before Misfits?

    • Marion /

      Doesn’t work like that mate, you have to ask the question on the e4 website. Or you could just check out their imdbs. But they haven’t really been in many things so far, they’re fresh faces 🙂

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