Guess who’s coming back to Doctor Who

This is a huge Spoiler for the last Doctor Who Special so if you don’t want to know then stop reading. You have been warned.

Still here? ok well the BBC have confirmed that John Simms will be returning as the master for the last special featuring David Tennant.

John Simm will return as the Master in the two special episodes which bring David Tennant’s era as the Doctor to a stunning conclusion. There’s been speculation about Simm’s involvement with the show but we can confirm he’ll be back later this year, once again playing the Doctor’s deadly nemesis.

I’m interested to see how the explain away the fact he got shoot then his body was burned.

I loved John Simm in Life on Mars but I found his portrayal of the Master a little much for me at times but the role definitely got better over the course of the episodes he was in with a fantastic death scene.

Head over to BBC’s  Doctor Who site for all the info.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: BBC

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  1. anna /

    epic win! my two fave actors on the one screen again!
    who cares about the laws of physics.
    its Dr Who.
    they never really applied anyway.

    *happy fangirl dance of squee*

  2. More than just them….

    This pic is also slightly spoilerish, but if you’ve read this far you probably arent bothered

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