Hawkgirl & Deadshot to appear in Smallville

The guys over Kryptonsite have exclusively revealed that another two DC character are set to join the Smallville cast in it’s last ever season.

Sahar Biniaz has been cast as Carter Hall’s aka Hawkman’s long-lost love Shayera and Floyd Lawton or “Deadshot,”  a member of the suicide squad will be played by Bradley Stryker.

Seeing as this season is supposed to be the last one ever I’m guessing all bets are off as who could be either returning or putting in a guest spot from the DC Universe.

I know it will never happen but would have been been cool to have seen a young Bruce Wayne in the mix for this final season.

Source: Kryptonsite

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  1. Hm… Interesting…

    I have great hopes for this final season of Smallville, but in all honesty I am also quite terrified that they will frakk it up. With the return of the Justice League, the Legion Of Superheroes, and Supergirl, plus loads of cameos planned – even the possibility of good ol’ Lexx coming back into the fold – I can at the very least have a few geek-outs, even if the ending is a screw up. Still, I shall draw my conclusions when I see it.

    No, I have not watched the trailer. I do not want spoilers… even if it is tempting… …

    Sadly, thanks to the fact that there is still a Batman franchise existing in the cinema, unless the studio that produces those decides to share rights, even for just the one episode, the writers of Smallville cannot even use the name Bruce Wayne, let alone give the character a guest appearance… Although they have managed to squeeze in a few mentions of Gotham, and a rich Bruce character who lives there a few times over the duration of the series… We can always dream, though, right?

    I heard a rumour that they are going to completely revamp Superman for television, with the full red and and blue, Lois and Clark, Lexx as a bad-ass baddie, etc, etc, etc, after Smallville draws to a close. Have you gents heard anything about this?

    Oh, and guys?.. The photograph that you used for the actor that plays Deadshot is the wrong guy, if Krptosite is giving the correct name. The guy that you want is the actor who played Trey Atwood in season one of The OC – not season three onwards, which is the guy in the shot that you have used. Sorry, I am a bit of an OC geek (if you think that it is a “chick flick” show or a teen drama, you are sorely mistaken. The main character writes comic books and plays computer games, George Lucus makes a guest appearance, and Kevin Sorbo has an important character to play for several episodes in the final season) – lol.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Hey Cherie,

      Yeah the worry of them messing it up is always a high possibility (esp when look at some of the other season Lana/witch I’ll say no more) but I really thought season 9, with the new showrunners, was a lot fun so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on 10. If they manage to bring back Lex, I see Clark don the suit and bloody well fly at last then I’ll be satisfied and like you said hopefully we’ll get some geek out moments a long the way.

      Hmm not heard anything about a revamp superman Tv show but that sounds interesting. I suppose the problem will that a lot of Smallville fans may switch off if Welling doesn’t get that role. To be honest though If it’s a great superman show I could care whether it was Tom or some other guy.

      Cheers for the heads up on the OC front I’ll see if I can find the right photo.

      Oh and yeah I watched the OC as well :D.

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