Heroes gets a fourth season

Despite failing ratings and a very dodgy start to it’s Third seasons NBC are givng Heroes another chance by giving it a fourth season.

Now I loved Heroes when it first started, loved with a capital L. As the seasons have gone on I’ve found myself getting more confused/frustrated/angry (take your pick) by both the plots and the characters.

I wished they had gone with the brand new cast for every season type deal they originally promised with some of the regulars from season one become cameos. It was a nice dream that never came to pass (and let’s face it once the cast became household names that was never going to happen).

I’m not a greedy viewer for now I would  settle from some more consistency in the characters and for the love of god no more ‘we have to stop something from happening in the future’ plots.

Do I want to see Heroes cancelled? No.  I still cling to belief that it can be great again. The latest season of Lost has been proving that to me that a show can fnd it’s feet again and I believe Heroes can.

Oh and any Heroes script writers reading this if you could throw Mohinder under a bus that would be great…cheers.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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