IDW and Entertainment One Television Bring V Wars To TV

IDW Entertainment and Entertainment One Television announced that V-Wars will be the first series project developed under the recently announced first-look co-production agreement.

Three-time Emmy award nominee Tim Schlattman (Dexter, Smallville) will write the pilot and serve as executive producer, while Ted Adams and David Ozer of IDW, John Morayniss and Benedict Carver from eOne Television, and David Alpert and Rick Jacobs from Circle of Confusion will also executive produce.

V Wars is being developed as direct-to-series and is based on the IDW property written by New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Mayberry.

“This is a story that takes everything the audience thinks they know about vampires and throws it out the window. They’re not the undead. They’re us.” said Schlattman.

V-Wars is set in a world transformed by a catastrophic environmental event that releases a millennial-old virus that once triggered, affects individuals differently depending on their DNA. The result is vampires as unique as their cultures and a response from those unaffected humans like never seen before.

V-Wars is a head-on collision of real-world science, terrorism, special forces action, ethics, politics and an exploration of what defines us as human,” said Maberry.

“Tim brings an incredible vision for V-Wars,” said Ozer, IDW Entertainment President, “The series sets an exciting tone for our first project launched with Entertainment One and will resonate throughout the global television market.”

V-Wars is the perfect project to kick off our partnership with IDW Entertainment, and lays the groundwork for a slate of ambitious projects to come,” said Morayniss, Chief Executive Officer, eOne Television. “We are thrilled to have attracted such a huge talent as Tim to bring this gritty post-apocalyptic world to life.”

V-Wars began as a collection of prose stories that chronicles the first Vampire War, and a second volume is scheduled for release this July. IDW Publishing also launched an ongoing monthly V-Wars comic book series in May, with the first issue already heading to a second printing.

Although I’m not terribly familiar with the property, I think it’s great to see smaller publishers venturing into comic book TV shows more. With the other vampire and supernatural based television shows doing so well, I imagine V Wars shouldn’t have a problem finding an audience as long as there’s quality work from everyone involved.

Source: IDW

Reporter: Leo Johnson

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