If You Want The Fades to get a Second Series then Act Today and Sign the Twitition!

The fantastic  BBC 3 Supernatural drama The Fades has now come to end and now the real horror story begins…whether or not the show will get a series 2. Well one group of lovely geeks have decided  to take matters into their own hands. Our mates over at Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi   have started an online campaign to get the BBC to commision a second series for the show and we here at Geek Syndicate a jumping on the bandwagon.

BBC Three’s brilliant supernatural drama, The Fades, has come to an epic close. The finale neatly tied up the many story arcs from series one, whilst throwing up about a bazillion new directions to be explored in a new season. So if you’re as desperate as we are to have the gang back on your screens, you know what to do: sign our twitition and spread the word! #TheFadesS2ItsInevitable – Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi  

I loved the show and I’m all up for another series but more than that this is a way for us geeks to express our gratitude and show our support for such a great show. So if, like me, or the Geeky Girls you too want to see the Fades get another series then let’s draw a line in the sand, make a stand and sign the Twitition. Go do it now, i’ll hold your coat while to do it.

Good on the girls at GGLSF for coming up with the idea in the first place.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Geeky Girls Love Sci-Fi

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