INTERVIEW: Chatting with the Cast of ‘Misfits’


In a Geek Syndicate exclusive, we had open access to the actors & staff behind the fifth and final season of Channel 4’s ground-breaking superhero-powered series, Misfits!

We visited the sets, which are fantastic: the renovated community centre, including change rooms, lock-ups, freezer room, and the local bar, but especially the den for the new “Superpowers Support Group”. Beware of spoilers including:

i) A lot more special effects including green screen / flying sequences, which will put a new meaning to the words “the mile-high” club!

ii) A whole new superhero group: vigilantes who may also have questionable ulterior motives, with real bad-ass powers that they know how to use (compared to the Misfits); they may well hiding behind the guise of a super-powers support group. They inhabit a brand-new super-cool lair (based in a new cool purpose-made set!)

  • KC – Karla Crome / Jess (16 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • MS – Matt Stokoe / Alex (15 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • NO – Natasha O’Keeffe / Abbey Smith (11 episodes, 2012-2013)
  • JG – Joseph Gilgun / Rudy Wade (24 episodes, 2011-2013)
  • NM – Nathan McMullen / Finn Samson (16 episodes, 2012-2013) 

What can we expect in Misfits Season 5?

MS: Well, it’s certainly the most ambitious thing I’ve ever worked on. Season 4 was ambitious what with the scale of it, but this year is the finale so we’re going bigger. And as actors, we’ve all settled into our roles now, so we ‘gel’ much better – I’m looking forward to seeing that translate on to the screen. But this is really big in terms of how visionary they are trying to make it. It’s the biggest Misfits has ever been.

NO: There’s been so much more to remember this time; the scripts are big in scale, and without giving spoilers, you’ve got Scouts & Satan in the same episode!

NO: There’s even a woman called Maggie who can knit the future into jumpers & scarves etc – but think of your worst Christmas Granny jumper (GS: think the artist Heroes season 1)

But you’ve done controversy already. How did you handle being a male character who had no penis for most of the last season?

MS: There were times I woke up in the morning and definitely didn’t feel quite right. When you get up, take a shower etc, – as much as we try to be more holistic about things in our everyday lives, our genitalia is very much a part of who we are, and that applies to both sexes. I hated doing that storyline – it was good that I did hate it and that I came out the other side of doing it because it was reflected in acting the part, but I hated doing it at the time. Looking back now, I’m pleased because it really pushed me. And this year I’m in a similar level of discomfort, as the power I have is related to something else a bit intimate.

What do we find out about Abby?

NO: Abby finds out who she is and we have a “rabbit-like” character called Scary, who is very scary and integral to her story, as well as a turtle that she has a special relationship with – the actor we’ve got there has got some amazing make-up on. But we get a lot more on here, and basically it transpires that rather than being this person who suddenly lost her memories after the story, it could well be that she is, in fact, the result of someone else powers  – she may never have actually existed before the storm!

So is there a successful love story for Jess this season?

KC: No.

One imagines that the writers have avoided it after the brilliant Simon & Alisha love story: destined to repeat history ad infinitum – is that the case?

KC:  I originally assumed that this season Finn & Jess would get together because that would be what was expected; but they didn’t which is great as it would have been too predictable. Jess actually ends up with Rudy!

So what can we expect with Season 5?

NM: It’s a big season – we’re going out with a bang; the first few episodes go back to the style of the first season – they’re more “powers” oriented.

JG: There’s also a bit of green screen flying, but it was incredibly uncomfortable around your privates due to the harness

Are there are other Rudys in this season?

JG: Thankfully no! It’s really mental playing such extremes. I must say that I have enjoyed playing the character(s) of Rudy, but I am thankful it’s just the two in this season.

Scary Rudy last season was a real surprise – a real revelation… truly psychotic & scary. Is there any other Rudy that you would have liked to have played?

JG: Gay Rudy – really camping it up as a great caricature – great big gay Rudy!

We quite liked the idea of you as an intellectual Rudy – real smart & witty.

JG: No chance – the writers would make the script and I be stopping  to ask how to say long words and what they mean!

The best episode for Finn last season was finding his half-sister Grace – any chance she is coming back this season?

NM: I loved working her last year – she was a great actress and there was talk of her coming back but it didn’t happen. It was a highlight for Finn and it really broke up the dynamics of last season. Very emotional, finding your father and your half-sister.

Does Finn get better with his powers?

NM: Yeah – but no! After last season when we faced off against the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, I thought he would be better this season, but you know, he gets a little too big for his boots and then makes a mess of things. He reverts back to be terrible.

Question for all – if you could have any one member of the old team back for one episode, who would it be?

All: Robert Sheehan (Nathan), although Joe gave a big shout out for Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Curtis).

There are rumours of a Misfits film – what have you heard?

All: No-one’s hear anything – except Joe – but he’s not saying!

Reporter: SilverFox

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