INTERVIEW: Dean O’Gorman aka Anders from The Almighty Johnsons

Earlier in the week I caught up Dean O’Gorman with who plays Anders aka The God of Poetry in The Almighty Johnsons. Below are the results of our little chat.

How did you land the part of Anders?

Along with Jared Turner [who plays Ty], I had done a read-through workshop for the show when it was still in development – around two years before we actually started production. We both liked the show and thought it was really great. Then I heard it was going to go ahead and I really wanted to do it so I guess it’d been a long time coming.

What was it about the role that attracted you to it in the first place?

It’s a great role, Anders is completely irreverent, and he has a shaky moral compass so there’s no pressure to play for sympathy or understanding. James Griffin has a lot of fun writing him so it’s always entertaining to see what group of people he’ll offend from one week to another.

Obviously Anders is in reality the God of Poetry, did you do much research on Norse mythology for the role?

I spent time to trying to get free food at McDonalds drive thru but that’s about it.

Would you say you shared any similar traits with the character?

I look very similar and am about the same height but that’s about it.

Young Hercules, Legend of the Seeker and The Almighty Johnsons, is this just a case of coincidence or is there something that draws you towards the fantasy genre?

Ha! I think its coincidence. I wouldn’t say I consciously choose fantasy stuff but it does seem to be popping up lately.

If you are indeed a fan of all things fantasy can you give us a few of your fave picks (can be books TV or film)?

As a kid I loved Star Wars (I even still have the old cardboard Death Star), but that’s not really fantasy is it? Krull…I remember seeing that with dad and loving it but they never made toys of that film. I was into things like MASK (where illusion is the ultimate weapon) and GI Joe.

There seems to be a lot of chemistry between you and you on-screen brothers had you worked with any of them before? Who’s the joker of the bunch?

I had never even bumped into Emmett or Ben. It’s hard to believe because Ben’s so tall and bald. I worked with Tim years and years ago on [New Zealand’s long-running nightly serial drama] Shortland Street. He played a tough guy who rode a bike and wore a leather jacket. We just all get along, weirdly. Ben is definitely the joker, in sort of a Ben kind of way. And our ages all tend to mirror our characters so I think we just fell into the roles

How would you sum up Anders in a word?

Handsome…nah…how about devious?

The Almighty Johnsons is currently showing on SyFy UK on Thursdays at 10pm
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