Interview with the Cast and Crew of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The stars and producers of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gave us some quality facetime at WonderCon a few weeks ago. While Clark Gregg had a very important commitment, the rest of the cast and crew gave us some delicious teases about season five and what Avengers: Infinity War movie might mean for the show and its characters. Check out their responses below before watching this week’s episode!

Showrunners Jeffrey Bell, Jed Whedon, and Maurissa Tancharoen assured fans that, should Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. get a sixth season, the show will “reflect” the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Or might the Infinity Stones be mentioned before the finale? Either way, Tancharoen declared that they’re “not at liberty to say.”

The producers also declared that the father-daughter dynamic between Coulson and Daisy will remain integral to the story, especially as Daisy steps into the leadership position that Coulson has been planning for her. Not that she plans to stay the leader for long. “We’ll see her having to step into that role considering that he’s now in the wrong hands,” Whedon teased. “But I think that you’ll be able to feel from both her and May for that end to not be what happens to him.”

While the showrunners would give no direct response on whether or not Simmons might already be pregnant, Elizabeth Henstridge actually agreed that she had the same questions as fans – especially since “she was eating weird things together, like chocolate and a can of peas,” Iain De Caestecker added cheekily.

As for the Fitzsimmons relationship on the whole, the actors fell back on their usual jokes and witty banter. “All the romance is gone and all we do is argue,” Henstridge said, prompting De Caestecker to argue, “No, we don’t.” But to be fair, they are going through some struggles right now because of the Doctor persona taking over Fitz. “It’s always been in Jemma to be kind of pragmatic about these things,” Henstridge confided, explaining that she more willing now to let things slide – especially for the sake of her marriage – than she would have been in earlier seasons.

Actors Natalia Cordova-Buckley and Henry Simmons have also been dealing with a lot when it comes to Yo-Yo and Mack’s romance. While Cordova-Buckley agreed that the loss of characters’ arms will be a struggle for  her and Mack to overcome, “even if we were to [break them up] it’s still going to make them stronger as individuals.” Ultimately, though, she confirmed that she believes their relationship to be solid enough to survive. And Cordova-Buckley was far from upset about the change in status quo, admitting that she’s been hoping to bring this comic canon story to life for some time now. She also hinted that “the dark parts of Yo-Yo’s character will shine through even stronger,” given how hopeless the time loop feels for her.

For his part, Simmons teased that Mack may lose some of his moral compass due to Yo-Yo’s current predicament. “If she’s in danger, I don’t know if morality will win.” He also loved the idea of Elena and Mack adopting Flint in the current timeline if that were possible. He suggested that Mack would try to raise Flint “in as much normalcy as possible,” whereas Yo-Yo would be intent on training him.

Time constraints meant we were gifted with a vivacious four-way interview with Chloe Bennet, Ming-Na Wen, Jeff Ward, and producer Jeph Loeb. Despite the large number of betrayals Daisy has suffered this season, Bennet said that her character understood that many of them came from love or from a desire to work towards the good of the team Except for Deke’s, she joked, which was all about “greed.”

Jeff Ward confirmed that he had no idea about being Fitzsimmon’s progeny when he joined the show, but that Bennet was actually the first one to let the cat out of the bag. His deep love for his mother is set to color his relationship with Jemma, however. “You immediately see a different side to Deke.” And of course, Loeb lovingly joked that the knowledge of where Deke comes from “is going to make [his] death so much more poignant and painful.”

Meanwhile, Ming-Na Wen offered some words of comfort to viewers who love her character’s relationship with Coulson. “It is a very long, slow, lingering subtext between the characters.” And there might be hope for them still, since May and Daisy are very much going against his wish to simply die.  “I think the writers like to torture the Philinda fans,” she laughed.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Fridays on ABC at 9/8c in the United States.

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