Interview with the Cast of Krypton

The stars and showrunner of Syfy’s Krypton shared some round table secrets at WonderCon last weekend. Watch the videos below to see what Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El), Georgina Campbell (Lyta Zod), Wallis Day (Nyssa-Vex), Shaun Sipos (Adam Strange) and EP Cameron Welsh had to say about their new Superman series.

Cameron Cuffe had a lot to say about what makes Seg-El so relatable to him as an actor. “He doesn’t know right from wrong. Superman’s greatest power is that he knows the right thing, and Seg doesn’t have that. He’s not fully-formed, he’s morally adrift,” the actor explained. But one aspect in which Seg does seem to know what he wants is his love life, regardless of the forces pulling him and Lyta apart. “These are two people who love each other, who are completely unique to each other. They see the world the same way, and once you find that in someone, no matter what happens, it’s hard to let that go.”

Another important relationship in the world of Krypton is the one he develops with Adam Strange. Cuffe described their dynamic as a “wonderful sort of Odd Couple relationship and where a lot of the fun of the show comes from.” While it may start off with little to no trust, soon they grow to respect each other and travel different parts of the planet in their quest to stop Brainiac. “Within season one, you will see at least one different culture,” Cuffe teased.

Georgina Campbell, meanwhile, has a deep fondness for Lyta’s romance with Seg but also put in a good word for her fiancé. “It’s interesting over the series seeing how her relationship develops with Dev.” She may need him to fall back on later on in the season, because she foreshadowed trouble ahead for the star-crossed lovers. “As soon as all these other issues start piling in, I think you do start to question this relationship and the strength of it.”

Lyta’s relationship with her mother Jayna is another vital component of Krypton‘s story. “It’s a very good representation of a single-parent relationship in that it’s very intense… Jayna is very hard on Lyta and has a very strong idea of who Lyta should be and how she should behave, and Lyta doesn’t want to be that person.” But as tough as the relationship is for both of them, Campbell confirmed that they do respect and love one another underneath it all.

Lyta meets Adam Strange next week in Episode 3, but Shaun Sipos already has plenty of thoughts on his actions in the first two episodes. “He wants to be recognized,” the actor confided. “He wants to be somebody, he wants to be a superhero and be part of the Justice League.” He teased that audiences interested in his character should pay special attention to Episodes 5 through 8. “There’s great payoff, and it really takes you on a great journey.”

Sipos found Adam’s emotional turmoil very compelling throughout the season. “He wasn’t very close with his dad, he lost his mom. He never really felt like he fit, which is why he adopts Krypton. He’s very similar to Superman and Seg in that sense.” As the resident alien in a series filled with Kyptonians, he finds Strange’s sense of isolation an exciting challenge to take on – though he credits the writers with making the character stand out.

Wallis Day spoke with us about Nyssa’s cloudy agenda on Krypton. “As we go through the series, that’s really when you decide whether she’s really a friend or a foe.” And while it’s clear that her character starts off working towards her own interests, Day hinted that “Nyssa is forced to prioritize love over power as her relationship with Seg flourishes.”

But the incarnation of Nyssa that we’re watching onscreen wasn’t what was always written on the page. “I kind of worked alongside the writers to develop a slightly different storyline for her,” she said. Perhaps it’s one that blossoms a few episodes from now? “Episode 5 overall is just a massive game-changer,” is all she would say about that.

Finally, showrunner Cameron Welsh cleared up some questions about the end goal of the series with a single mind-blowing sentence. “From the moment Adam Strange arrives and sets Seg on his hero’s journey, the timeline’s changed. We’re now not necessarily tied to a toy box that explodes.”

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Syfy in the US.

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