Is a Romancing the Stone TV Series Coming ?

Cover of "Romancing the Stone (Special Ed...

Cover of Romancing the Stone (Special Edition)

Well according to Deadline NBC are adapting the 80’s adventure flick which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

NBC’s version will follow a successful but unfulfilled woman who teams with a risk-taking adventurer to take on weekly missions while on a larger quest to find her missing brother.

I have to admit I kinda liked Romancing the Stone, it was a fun film and was harmless enough and I thought the two leads played well off each other. I’m not sure if they can stretch out into a series but I’m intrigued enough to see how they tackle the pilot episode.

Personally if someone can give me either a new Talespin show or a Tales of the Gold Monkey style show I would be most grateful.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Deadline

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