Is Charlie’s Angels on it’s way back to the Small Screen?

It’s seems that American TV companies still haven’t giving up on the current trend of reviving old TV shows. Accoring to varity ABC is close to giving the go ahead to make a pilot for a modern version ofhit 70’s show Charlie’s Angels.

I liked the original TV Show (My illusions were shatted when I saw Charlie on Dynasty calling himself Blake Carrington) but I have no idea how a TV reboot is going to work. I don’t think going the BSG route of making it dark and gritty would be faithful to the show. Putting my positive Geek hat on, for a moment, I reckon if they give the remake the look and feel of something like Leverage or Chuck then it might just work.

My vote for one for the  angels for the new show would have to be Yvonne Strzechowski from Chuck!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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