Is EVE Online Coming to TV?

eve-onlineSo now that Defiance has pioneered the TV-Game crossover, could the next one down the “tubes” be EVE Online? Details are pretty sketchy, but it appears that Icelandic developer CCP Games are teaming up with filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur to develop a show featuring stories from “real life” events in the sprawling space sim itself. 

This is the quote doing the rounds from  CCP boss Hilmar Veigar Pétursson:

“The inhabitants of the notorious and beloved Eve Universe have 10 years’ worth of dramatic stories to tell. Our close collaboration with Baltasar and his creative team gives me confidence that we will capture EVE’s essence, inspiring millions of TV viewers with visions of humanity’s future.”

I’m not so sure. I mean, I’ve got some fun stories from MMOs myself but I’m not sure that they’d make good Television, and given in EVE your avatar is, essentially, a starship, so most stories will be starship focused, what sort of budget are they going to need?

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: CCP

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