Is Supernatural season 6 on the way?

According to the CW network there are rumblings that Supernatural creator Eric Kripke may be changing his mind about his ‘set in stone’ five year plan for the show.

There’s talk that he’s seriously considering doing a sixth  season of the hit show.

Now I’m sure there are a lot of Supernatural fans who would love this idea I have to admit to not being one of them.

I would rather see the show go out on a high then to keep it going until no one remembers what’s good about it (X-files anyone?)

I loved the idea of a five year plan as the seasons have all felt like one big story.

I can’t really see where you can go from here plot wise given who the big bad is in season five and how high the stakes are.

The fact the show had a limited life span meant that  all bets were off as to whether Sam or Dean were going to survive to the end of the season. That sure as hell wouldn’t be the case if it got another season.

My gut tells me that we’re going to see a season sixth and I really hope they prove me wrong and the show continues to be as strong as it has been.

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Source: Scifi-wire.

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  1. Tammy cross /

    thats what good writing is all about i would love them to make a series 6 and more,i know they could do it, they were going to stop after series 2 & 3, and the show as just got better as long as they got brilliant writing staff they should do series 6 and more if they can, but if the storylines really cant beat 5, then go out on a high, but please give us fans closure to the show….

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