Jack Bauer Saves the World One Last Time – 24 is Cancelled!

Jack Bauer, who I still believe is the second baddest man on the planet (come on no one beats the Norris, king of the roundhouse) is gearing up to kill his last bad guy as 24 has been cancelled. The current season will be the show’s last, according to a press release issued by Fox.

I’ve been a huge fan of 24 over the years and I’ll be sorry to see it go but at the same time it’s definitely the right decision. I think the show passed it’s sell by date a few seasons ago and this season, so far, has been the weakest yet.

There are the rumours that 24 will now head to the big screens and personally I think that could work. For me the weakest elements of 24 are pretty much all the boring side stories with uninteresting characters (excpet President Palmer, loved that guy). I bet Katie Sackhoff  is wishing they had done another season of BSG  considering  her lame story line  in the current season and who can forget Kim ‘I can be a CTU agent in six months’ Bauer vs the Cougar.I think  having a  film, just focusing on the Jack ‘Damm it’ Bauer story line, I think could work.

Anyway so long 24, you will be missed because you bought me some great entertainment and some crazy action over the years.  I pissed though as I’ll never get to see the Chuck Norris/Jack Bauer team up I was hoping for this season, instead I get Freddie Prinze Jr.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: AICN

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