K9 is back….and this time he’s in Australia!

Well he’s filming in Austrailia apparently.  In a similiar pattern to the Sarah Jane adventures there will be 13 blocks each comprising 2 half hour episodes.

He will also be sleeker than we are used to according to series co-creator Bob Baker and be half animatronic and half cgi.

For those of you continuity heavy Dr Who fans…this is the original K9.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then it’s not even worth trying to figure it out – trust me.  Also for the fans there will be a nod in each episode to something from the Dr’s past, so I’m a little excited by that except I’m a bit worried it might be shoehorned in for the sake of it.

I’m a serius Dr Who fan but even I’m beginning to womder, how many spin-offs can a show sustain?

GS Reporter: Monts

Source: Outpost Gallifey

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  1. I dunno buddy but be prepared next year when they announce MICKEY! a year later join in for the brilliance that is that random guy from episode 2 in the coffee shop.

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