Merlin Episode 1 synopsis revealed

If you don’t want to see any spoliers then look away now.

It has been a year since Lady Morgana disappeared and no trace of her has been found, as the fantasy drama starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Anthony Head and Richard Wilson returns for a new series.

Just as it seems all hope is lost, Merlin and Arthur pick up a trail. Set upon by bandits it seems they may perish but Merlin’s secret magic saves the day. As the dust settles, a mysterious, bruised and bloodied figure approaches the group: it’s Lady Morgana.

Camelot rejoices at her return but Merlin is worried that Morgana will remember the circumstances of their last meeting and tell King Uther that he tried to kill her. The King will not understand that he did it to save Camelot from Morgana’s half-sister, sorceress Morgause’s deadly enchantment; Merlin would be executed on the spot.

Morgana promises Merlin that she has learnt the error of her ways and repents for the evil things she has done. Morgause no longer has any hold over her and Morgana forgives Merlin and promises to keep his secret.

Uther and Morgana enjoy a tearful reunion. The King is delighted that his ward has returned and immediately announces a banquet in her honour. But is there more to her return than meets the eye?

As the evil magic begins to take hold of Uther’s mind, Gaius urges Arthur to take command and Merlin begins to suspect that Morgana’s repentance is not all it seems. Can Merlin find out what is really going on before Camelot is cast into the greatest peril it has ever known?

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