Merlin: The Drinking Game

So the few Merlin fans out there that follow GS on Twitter might be aware that I’ve been throwing around some ideas today for a little Merlin drinking game. I’m a huge fan of the show and often sit with a glass of wine or a beer in my hand as I watch so  I thought that let’s make things a little more interesting.

Below I’ve written a few rules for our little drinking game to see how we get on…I plan to be playing tonight and using the #merlindrinkinggame to announce when drinks should be taken and to chat about the show etc.

So grab your flagon of ale and good luck all!

Of course if you don’t drink alcohol feel free to swap it for a non alcoholic beverage of your choosing.

Merlin – The Drinking Game

  1.  Every time Arthur’s uncle rides to see Morgana in the forest, take a drink.
  2.  Every time someone is throw backwards in slowmo by magic, take a drink. Backwards against a wall, whole drink must be downed.
  3.  Every time Morgana does an evil glare, take a drink.
  4.  Every time Guinevere’s chest heaves, take a drink
  5.  Every time we see a shirtless Arthur, take a drink.
  6.  Every time Merlin does something magic under Arthur’s nose & Arthur fails to notice, take a drink.
  7. Every time the dragon appears, take a drink.

Thanks to @aaaarghwilson @GirlsLoveSciFi and  @MidlandThorn  for their suggestions via Twitter

Look out for other genre show drinking games coming soon!

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  1. archaeologistD /

    People will be drunk half-way through the episode! Maybe sooner. 😛

  2. How about a drink every time #Gwaine WHIPS HIS HAIR!! It’s a Gwaine episode!!!! Can’t wait!

  3. RainFox /

    Every time Arthur shouts for Merlin, take a drink.
    Every time Merlin ignores it, down the whole thing
    Every time Gaius raises an eyebrow, take a drink. If its because he doesn’t want to comment on something Merlin has done, down the whole thing!
    That alone would get you hammered.

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