Misfits gets a second series!

E4’s gang of Misfits have their Community Service Orders extended for a second series.

Starring a charismatic cast of next generation British talent, Misfits blazed on to E4 earlier this year and rapidly became one of the most talked about television drama series this Autumn. Hailed by The Telegraph as a ‘British horror comedy to rival Shaun of the Dead’ and “brilliant, sharp and funny” by the Guardian the series so far series has averaged over 1m views per episode, across E4 and 4oD.

Head of Drama Camilla Campbell says “Misfits always felt like a perfect E4 show and the response has been phenomenal.  I’m delighted to commission a second series, and like its fans, I can’t wait to see where Howard’s inventive scripts take us and the gang.”

Howard Overman will write 6 x 60 min episodes, while storylines are firmly under wraps, one thing’s for sure, there’s still no danger of E4’s Misfits saving the world anytime soon.

When I first heard about Misfits, a show featuring a load of teenagers doing community service getting superpowers, I was expecting to hate it but turns out I could not have been more wrong.

Since episode one I have loved the format, the characters, the dialogue, the plot the way the powers have been used but not over used.

I think the show has actually gotten stronger with each episode with the  Curtis (one of the funniest uses of a Spiderman movie line) and  Simon  focused stories being my favourites so far.

Roll on series 2!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: E4

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  1. Let me just say the obligatory “better than Heroes” and “can’t wait for season 2 (even though this season isn’t over).”

  2. carlie foster /

    Misfits is a brilliant, clever witty show! I live for watching it! Nathan is the ultimate class clown! I just cannot praise the writer enough this is a show I’ve been waiting for, 1 episode into the 2nd series and I cannot wait for the next! Absolutely brilliant

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