TV REVIEW: Misfits Series 3, Episode One Preview (spoiler-free)

Last night I was lucky enough to watch the first episode of the brand new series of Misfits, due to air in November.

When Robert Sheehan’s departure was announced in April many predicted that the show would not survive without him, but having seen it I can safely say we need not have worried.

Misfits has always been an ensemble show, but the characters of Nathan, Simon and Kelly have perhaps had more opportunities to shine than others (Nathan especially so). Whilst I had faith that Howard Overman could pull it off, I was very curious as to what a new character would do to the dynamic of the group and to the show itself.

Understandably this first episode is primarily concerned with introducing us to Rudy, played by Joseph Gilgun (Emerdale, This is England ’86). He’s odd-looking, a little bit cocky, occasionally sensitive and overall very likeable.  You could be forgiven for thinking that the absence of Nathan would leave a gaping potty-mouthed hole, but you’d be wrong. Somehow Joseph manages to bring a whole new level of vulgarity to the screen and yet, remarkably, I never once felt that he was “doing a Sheehan” as he made it completely his own.

Perhaps what viewers are most looking forward to after last years cliff-hanger is finding out the Misfits’ new powers. For obvious reasons I can’t reveal what they are here, but I will say that some of them are genius, others not so much. They weren’t explored much in this episode but I get the feeling that a couple of them were chosen purely for their potential to aid the plot as they’re weren’t especially exciting. I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind on that one come the end of the series.

Overall I am left more excited than ever to see series 3. The Q&A that followed the screening was one of the funniest I’ve been to, mainly because of a very nervous and very funny Joseph Gilgun’s inability to stop talking. I can’t upload the audio due to spoilers of gigantic proportions. Instead I will type up the bits that are safe to be seen, and I’ll post the audio once the first episode has aired.

Whilst you’re waiting for Series 3, don’t forget that Misfits Series 1 and 2 are available to watch on 4oD and YouTube.

The season 3 trailer can be found here.


Alexis Jayne Defoe.

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  1. dee /

    please email me spoilers! I’d really like to know. unless it’s like illegal to share or w/e

    • ha ha, actually they told us we weren’t allowed to 😛

      But even if I could I hate spoilers so much that I can’t even share them with others, it pains me to do so. Hopefully it won’t be a long wait 🙂


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