New Doctor = new Tardis?

What’s next for Who?


So with the next Doctor coming in, expect a bit of a facelift. There are no pictures or concept drawings of the new tardis, but this Tardis will be changing to reflect current techological advances. The question is, what will a new tardis look like, a giant cell phone?

If you want to see a decent pictoral history of the Tardis, check this out

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  1. sean /

    The outside police box is not chnaging – the BBC had a legal case with the Met Police over the rights to its image years is an should have stated it will be the interior not the exterior, though it might chnage to the preferences of fans who complain about the wrong shaped or sized windows….in fact I think this is the third box they have used, the first one collasped in 1976 on top of Liz Sladen and another one was used from the 1980 series onwards as it was the right shape and then the new series box

    • vichussmith /

      I have a lot to learn in terms of all things Who. Thank you for the bit of schooling on that!

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