New Kudos Projects on the way

At Geek Syndicate we love Kudos. They have given us some ace shows over the year such as Spooks, Life on Mars and Hustle. Over at Variety they’re reporting that the guys have two new shows in the works.

We don’t know much other than the names and that they are going to be aimed at the international market. So we have the eight part historical epic ‘ The Medici’ and the 13-part pirate series ‘The Scrimshaw Pirates’.

It’s early days at the moment so there’s not really anything to go on. My first impressions though just from the title is that I like the sound of a Pirates series (who doesn’t). I need some more info on The Medici before I can start to get excited about that.

Either way with Kudos involved I’ll be expecting big things.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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