Official Trailer for SyFy’s TV and MMO Experiment ‘Defiance’

In case you were thinking that too long has gone with another post apocalyptic series hitting our screens (probably for a season) Syfy bring us a first look at its upcoming show Defiance where MMO meets TV Show (hmm that almost rhymes).

I seem to be saying this a lot today but there’s not too much to see in first trailer for Defiance but what is there actually looks decent. Yes it could be as dire as some of the Syfy film of the week features which constantly do the rounds but at least this looks a lot more Sci Fi than I was expecting, which is a nice change. It’s also got Rockne O’Bannon, the man behind Farscape, and others who between them have worked on BSG, Iron Man, Superman Returns and Sin City. I think with that kind of a crew involved it’s worth checking out a few episodes.

The other interesting concept is that Defiance will also be supported by a MMO which will run alongside the show and be effected its show plot. It’s an intriguing concept and one which I’m interested to see how it will work and develop as it sounds like a lot of work to keep the properties in sync with each other week after week.

Coming soon to Syfy, Defiance is the innovative serial drama from the minds behind Battlestar Galactica and Farscape. Drifting through a terramorphed American landscape, the mysterious Nolan settles in a border town where aliens and humans fight against the fragility of peace. Tune in weekly as the citizens ofDefiance thrive in this hostile world, and see how their struggles impact your war in the high-octane multi-platform MMO shooter from Trion Worlds!

The show itself is set to hit Syfy in April 2013. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

Reporter: Nuge


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