Outcast Moved to a Sunday Slot

The Guardian has confirmed that the BBC’s new sci-fi show, Which started last Monday, is to be moved to a late night Sunday slot after disappointing ratings.

There will be one more episode shown next Monday on BBC 1 at 9pm, then the next episode after that will be on at 10.25pm on Sunday 27 February. The final two episodes will then follow at a similar time on the next two Sundays.

I personally haven’t been impressed by the series so far, but I am an episode behind but apparently the series has got better with the 4th episode.

It is a shame to see a British made sci-fi looking like it is failing.


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  1. I haven’t watched much beyond the first half hour of episode one. It wasn’t for me. But this decision dismays me.

    Why? Because it’s a *commercial* decision.

    I’m not a BBC basher. I’ve worked for it, I love it, I will man the barricades if the Tories ever come for it. But it is increasingly acting in a way that reflects the modus operandi of US networks.

    In the US it makes financial sense to cancel or move a show mid-run if it’s not garnering enough viewers to entice advertisers. Moving a badly performing new show and replacing it with a re-run that will nonetheless generate higher ad revenue is artistically depressing, but (arguably) commercially justifiable. It’s a direct result of commercial pressures that US TV is littered with half formed failures and unresolved cliffhangers.

    But the BBC has no place acting this way. We pay the licence fee specifically to insulate them from commercial pressures. So when they act as if they were a commercial enterprise, it betrays the charter that should make them great and plays into the hands of their critics.

    Ending Survivors on a cliffhanger was unforgivable. Yes, it underperformed, but the BBC’s strength is that it can still cater to audiences even when they are small. What it should have done, or at least tried to do – scheduling etc may have made it hard but the BBC should at least have *tried* – is cut its losses and produce a one-off finale to wrap things up, taking care of its audience.

    Outcasts is now shunted off to make way for… what? And *why*?

    I know it may be naive to argue that the BBC shouldn’t chase ratings – obviously there are all sorts of complex pressures at play in that respect – but to see it mimicking a commercial enterprise so blatantly is deeply disturbing.

    If Outcasts ends on a cliffhanger too – and the smart money has to say it will – then the BBC will be doubly insulting its audience.

    Come on Auntie, wise up. You’re alienating your audience, providing grist to the Con-Dem’s loathsome anti-BBC mill and losing your way in an increasingly high profile manner. Please stop it. It makes me sad and scared for your future.

    So Outcasts hasn’t worked. Oh well. It happens (Bonekickers!). We love the BBC because we gift it the freedom to take risks, the freedom to fail. But to justify our faith in it, it must stick to its guns, stand by its failures, and care for its viewers. Anything less is reckless and foolish.

  2. outcast on BBC .what a rotten ending ater eight hours of watching this program .The BBC should be ashamed of itself for not finishing this series off.I dont watch mouch of BBC one I will watch even less now.Perhaps thay could put a warning up before thay start a series that they are only going to make half of it.then people wouldent waste ther time watching it(If only I could get out of this licens fee I would gladly.

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