Peter Capaldi To Leave Doctor Who

I’d love to say I was surprised by last night’s announcement that Peter Capaldi would be leaving the TARDIS at the end of the next series of the BBC‘s flagship science-fantasy drama. I wasn’t though.

Peter announced his decision on Jo Whiley’s Radio 2 show, yesterday, citing that he feels it is time he moved on. Capaldi has been an amazing Doctor and it is a shame to see him go. The role is all-consuming though and three actual seasons (with a year in between) is a respectable period for any actor – I imagine the demands of Doctor Who far outweigh the demands of regular series’ production.

It’s also a time of change for the programme, with Steven Moffat stepping down as show-runner and Chris Chibnall set to take over, it’s likely that the tone of the series will once again evolve.

I would have loved to see more from Peter Capaldi though. I was thrilled when an “older” actor was cast in the role and his performance has been superb – like Tennant and Smith before him, he shone through even the less well-realised stories. I had the great pleasure of being involved in a press round-table with Peter Capaldi as the Zygon two-parter was being filmed and his presence, patience and humour were superb. It’s a matter of public record how Peter has BEEN the Doctor for many people. Surprising visitors to Cardiff’s Doctor Who Experience, visiting children in hospital (in character) and much more.

I am greatly looking forward to this year’s series. I think both Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat are going to pull everything out of the bag for their swan-song series.

A Doctor leaving is always bitter-sweet. The sorrow of the past combined with the excitement of the future adventures.

Thanks for being the Doctor, Peter. You’ve been amazing.

Off to a Gallifreyan Sunset - Peter Capaldi exits Doctor Who

Off to a Gallifreyan Sunset – Peter Capaldi exits Doctor Who

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