‘Primeval Film Still a Possibility’ According to Primeval Co-Creator Adrian Hodges


So with the cancellation of its Canadian spin Primeval:New world fans of the show would think that we had seen the last anomaly to spew forth prehistoric terrors into our world. Well according to the original shows co-creator Adrian Hodges we shoudn’t be packing away our anomaly detectors just yet.


While talking to Geek Syndicate about his upcoming BBC show The Musketeers Adrian briefly gave us his thoughts on the spin offs cancellation and the future of Primeval.


it’s a drag about Primeval New World. Although it’s more Tim’s show than mine, I did feel it was getting stronger all the time and I thought it deserved another chance. It’s a real shame. But the film is still very much a possibility…


So although there is no hard news in how far along the project is it seems the spin off cancellation has not derailed any plans in motion for the potential development of a Primeval feature film. If the film project does do ahead I hope that we seen a return of some the UK team, hell get if they can get back Douglas Henshall (tricky giving how he left the show but not impossible) then that would be even better.


As always if we hear anything more you will be the first to know.


Reporter: Nuge
Source: Adrian Hodges


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