Reboot of 80’s Classic Cartoon Danger Mouse Could be on the Way

dangermouseThe reboot train just keeps on chugging and the latest stop on it’s endless journey is the classic kids cartoon Danger Mouse.

After the CITV channel reran episodes of Danger Mouse the show was watched by 569,000 viewers, giving the channel its highest ever figure. So rather than just keep the reruns coming FremantleMedia Kids and Family Entertainment president Sander Schwartz is now thinking that a Danger Mouse reboot is “something that we might be looking to do in the not too distant future”.

For those of who have no idea who Danger Mouse is let me spell it out for you.

  • He was an eyepatch wearing mouse and voiced by David Jason.
  • His headquaters was a postbox on Baker Street.
  • He was a spy working for the British government.
  • His direct boss was the somewhat batty Colonel K.
  • His sidekick was called Penfold and voiced by Terry Scott
  • He had a car that could fly, drive underwater and pretty sure went into space in one episode.
  • His arch enemy was a would be world conquering toad called Baron Silas Greenback
  • Oh and and one more thing IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST CARTOONS EVER!

So you would think that news that there are talks afoot to reboot the show would excite me? At the moment, not so much. While I think it’s great that people want to bring the show back to kids today I just wonder what format we will end up with. The original Dangermouse was a funny, quirky and zany show and if a reboot can manage to keep that sensibility, with some solid voice acting then it could work.

Do you think a Dangermouse reboot could work (if you remember it that is)? Who would you like to see cast in the roles of Dangermouse and Penfold?

Reporter: Nuge
Source: Radio Times

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